Honda ST1100 Project

 On my way down to visit my parents in St. Francisville, LA I decided to stop off and pick up a new battery for my Honda ST1100.  The battery was degrading due to the bike not being ridden often enough.

  I figured I would put the bike on the bike lift and give it check-over since I was down there.  Once I got the bike on the lift, I decided to check the air filter, then I noticed one of the rubber fuel lines needed to be replaced.  Well, I might as well check all of them while I am at it...


  I was thinking that I should do some iron butt modifications while I have the bike torn down.  I was going to add extra fuel capacity to try to get  the bike's capacity up to 10.7 gal (keeping it IBA legal).  That would have given me a 400 mile range.  For the IBA rides, you must stop at least once every 350 miles for gas for documentation for the ride.


The first thing I wanted to do was put the Two Brothers Racing exhaust on the bike.  I had this exhaust for over a year and had never installed it (too busy with the other bikes).  Here are some photos of the original exhaust and the new improved exhaust.

The muffler on the right is the Two Brothers Racing model.  The one on the right is stock muffler.  You can definitely see how much more freely the exhaust gases can exit the Two Brothers pipes.


This is a comparison of the left side pipe.


Finished project.

The Two Brothers Racing exhaust definitely gives a throatier and deeper sound.  To me, it is not obnoxiously loud but is louder than the stock exhaust (which is whisper quiet). 

After finishing the exhaust project, I changed the oil and filter and also changed the fuel filter.  I started looking at the wheels and came up with a new theme for this bike.  I started thinking of a blacked-out bike.  I has decided that I would have the wheels and cylinder heads powder coated black.  However; as I was thinking through this new project I received an email from a member of Dual Sport Riders of Louisiana.  Someone wanted to buy my trusty ST.

My ST1100 has unofficially been on the market for the last year, but I wasn't fully committed to selling it.  I was contacted by Frank who said he had been looking all over for an ST1100.  I had changed my mind about selling it, but I also knew that I would never have time to ride this long distance touring machine like it was designed to be ridden.  So, Frank and his wife picked up the bike on Saturday (June 10).  He seemed to be excited about finding an ST1100, so I am sure he is going to ride this bike like it deserves to be ridden.  In fact, I received an email from Frank indicating that he and his wife had taken a ride the afternoon they got the bike back home and his wife enjoyed the ST ride much more than that of the VTX1300 they used to ride.

I took a couple of final pictures before saying goodbye to the ST1100.