Camping Equipment

The follow is a list of the items I have put together for the trip to Alaska.

Tent - Mountain Hardwear Light Wedge 2


I chose this tent based on a recommendation of a salesman at Buffalo Creek Outfitters in Jackson, MS. He hikes Alaska often and talked me out of the expedition tent that I went in looking for. This is a good all around 3 season tent that I will get more use out of than an expedition tent.

I can easily set up this tent with the rain fly in less than 10 min by myself.

packaged weight   6 lb 3 oz / 2.8 kg
packed diameter   6.7 in / 17 cm
packed length   1 ft 5 in / 43 cm


Camping Stove - MSR WhisperLite Internationale™

Photo of the WhisperLite Internationale

I chose the WhisperLite Internationale because of its ability to burn multiple fuels.  I also wanted the Shaker Jet technology since I would be burning unleaded gasoline as my fuel. I decided to burn unleaded gasoline in my stove because it would give a some "emergency" gas for the bike if I needed it . I am taking two 33 oz fuel tanks for the cooker. Both of those tanks combined should give me an "emergency range" of an additional 25 miles. It may not sound like much, but it would be if you had to walk it.

Minimum Weight:   11.5 oz. (330 g)
Packaged Weight:   15.5 oz. (460 g)


Sleeping Bag - Mountain Hardwear 2nd Dimension™

I choose the 2nd Dimension after looking at some down sleeping bags.  I went with the synthetic because of the risk of the bag getting wet on the bike.